AA Family Dental Group

AA Family Dental Group is a full-service dental and orthodontics practice located in Tustin, California. The practice provides routine oral hygiene services such as oral cancer screenings and root planing, as well as tooth whitening and bleaching via the tray system. AA Family Dental Group also offers oral surgery services such as dental implants, which represent a permanent solution for patients with missing or extracted teeth. Once the dental implant fully heals, the dentist can place a crown or utilize the implant as part of a bridge.

AA Family Dental Group also offers a number of surgical procedures for patients who require additional preparation before receiving dental implants. During the sinus augmentation procedure, the oral surgeon repositions the floor of the sinus, creating more room for dental implants. Other procedures include a soft tissue graft, which treats gum recession by transferring soft tissue from the roof of the mouth or neighboring gums to the affected area.

To learn more about dental services provided by the Tustin-based practice, visit the official website at aafamilydentalgroup.com.